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There are several pests that reside in and around your home in Port St. Lucie, Florida. While most of these pests bite or cause damage to property or spread harmful diseases, some of them are harmless to humans. The presence of these pests causes an eyesore and discomfort to you, and a pest control expert can help you eliminate them all.

Mosquito Pest Control

mosquito control port st lucieMosquitoes can ruin your outdoor fun during summer. The humidity and warmth in Port St Lucie helps to breed several hundreds of thousands of mosquitoes in the region. Mosquitoes breeds in your yard or nearby yards. A mosquito bites humans to consume blood and cause irritation and swelling. It also transmits harmful and allergic diseases such as West Nile virus, Zika virus, dengue fever, and chikungunya.

Roach Pest Control

Roaches are annoying pests located around in Port St. Lucie. The climate and the temperature of the region make it an ideal place to grow and cause a potential risk of infestation. Roaches cause allergies and can spread diseases wherever to it roams. It invades your personal area and causes disgust and discomfort.

Roaches are a risk to people with asthma. They cause sneezing, running nose and difficulty in breathing and can spread diseases like salmonella, pneumonia, and E-coli. Roaches destroy personal belongings. Customers often avoid businesses and restaurants that are infested with roaches.

Termite Pests

Termites are another pest in south Florida capable of completely destroying a home. Unless you take precautions you cannot avoid damage caused by the termites. The subterranean termites secretly reach your home from the ground and may feed on your home for several years. Unlike dry wood termites, subterranean termites are hard to detect. A pest control company can help with termite prevention.

Ant Pest Control

There are several species of ants that can be seen in Port St Lucie and its surrounding areas. Some ants are a nuisance while others are harmful. Certain species in Florida such as ghost ants, white-footed ants, big-headed ant cause nuisance. They do not cause any severe health threats and do not damage any property as well.

Fire ants are quite dangerous and aggressive. They sting and attack anything perceived as a threat. Their stings are potent and cause allergic reactions that might need medication. Other species of ants like carpenter ants, twig ants can also sting to defend their territories. They are considered "ground wasps" that need to be controlled using organic and natural repellants.


Rodents, rats, and mice are increasing problems in Port St Lucie FL and in South Florida. Your situation may require rodent control. They live in small cracks and feed on different types of food such as insects, bird eggs, and garbage. They create a foul odor by urinating and dropping feces while chewing and damaging your clothing, wood, paper, and books. They carry numerous diseases including plague, rabies, jaundice, rat-bite fever and murine typhus.

If you think you are in need of rodent control services, please don't hesitate to contact us.

Bed bugs Pest Control

It is very difficult to eliminate bed bugs yourself. Instead, you should locate a pest control service to help you with eradication. A bed bug is a pest that can live in small and tiny cracks and joints. They bite and feed on human blood causing physical and emotional damage to victims. A bed bug's bite causes itching and might require medication to relieve itchiness. This pest causes distress during sleep and triggers insomnia and depression. They do not transfer any diseases though they carry bacteria and viruses.

Ticks and Fleas

tick pest control in port st lucie fl

Tick and flea infestations are common pest problem where dogs and cats are present. This pest feeds on the blood of pets and wild animals. Pest control services are usually desired in this case to protect one's pets and your family members.

Fleas are small, reddish-brown insects that are mistaken as dirt. This pest has a hard body and powerful hind legs to jump to short distances. Pest control professionals know the brown dog tick is found on most of the pets in South Florida. They feed on the blood of your dog and expand like a balloon with a steel bluish-grey color. Pest control services can help reduce the likelihood of finding too many of this type of pest. They cause severe itchy dermatitis that can lead to secondary infections. They also spread diseases like murine typhus, tularemia, and plague.

Spider Pest Control

Port St Lucie is home to many spiders including spiny orb-weaver spider, wolf spider, and zipper spiders. This pest enjoys the dark and moist environment found the basements of homes in Port St Lucie FL. The brown recluse spider infests attics and secluded area in your home. A qualified company providing pest control services can access these hard to reach areas and help rid your home of this pest.

The black widow spider is found under piles of rocks and debris in your yards. A reputable pest control service realizes humans attract many bugs, spiders like to settle near humans to feed on these bugs. The black widow and brown recluse spider bites are dangerous and should be dealt with by a qualified pest control professional since their bite can be life-threatening and needs immediate medication. Although most spiders do not harm humans, some of the spiders are large or poisonous.

Earwigs and Silverfish

Earwigs and silverfish are a different type of small pest that might be looking insects that infest your home through the year. This pest is neither dangerous nor harmful to humans. They feed on paper and clothing and cause potential threats to the property. Control measures and pest control services might be necessary if you are finding too many on your property.

Bees and Wasps

Bee Pest Control

Bees sting and can cause severe pain. Sites can become infected and some people can have severe allergic reactions.

Wasps as Pests

Some species of wasps can bite, although they rarely "bite" humans. When wasps want to get rid of a pesky human, they will usually sting rather than bite. However, remember that generally wasps will sting only if they feel threatened.

Diseases Propagated by these Pests

These pests spread serious illnesses such as Lyme Disease and Malaria.


Weevils do not harm humans or animals but they contaminate the food with their feces and cast skin. They do not bite or sting and do not carry diseases, but pest control services may still be desired. They infest the seeds they eat and their presence demands pest control since they cause eyesore and frustration.

To get complete and long-lasting freedom from any particular pest, it is recommended that you employ a professional pest control service near Port St Lucie FL. Port St Lucie Pest Control services will identify the sources, stop further breeding and completely eradicate any pest you may find in and around your home. You can enjoy trouble and pest free life that is free from harmful diseases.

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