Bee Removal Services

Having pests around your home can be horrible to live with. Be it bugs, bees or mosquitos you are going to want to remove them as soon as possible. It is not always safe to do it yourself, nor would you want to, that’s why it might be best to call an exterminator. There are many common questions people have about removing these pests, for example, how does bee removal work? Finding a clear answer can be hard, luckily this article will make it as clear for you as possible.

How do you know if you have bees inside your wall?

Bees are very sneaky when building their nests. Chances are you will never see one if it is inside your wall, so you need to look for other signs. First, if you notice bees inside your home even when you have bug screen doors this is a good indicator they have another route into the home. Once you notice them inside the house, keep an eye on where they go; bees will always go back to their nest and you will be able to follow them. If you notice that bees tend to all go through the same crack in the wall, that’s where the nest likely is. You can spot them flying into their nest from either inside or outside your home, once you find the nest it is time to remove it.

How do you get rid of bees inside your wall?

The best way to remove bees from inside your wall is to call a beekeeper. Bees are precious and should not be harmed when possible, but that doesn’t mean you have to let them live in your wall. The beekeeper will come to your home and then take the bees away and relocate them to a new home that isn’t in someone’s wall. The beekeepers will open up your wall and then hoover up your bees. It sounds outrageously strange but that is genuinely how it is done. They sometimes gas the bees to make them more docile beforehand, but not always. Once the bees have all bee hoovered up they can be safely relocated.

How do you get rid of mosquitos in your yard?

Mosquitos are a real pain. They are horrible creatures that offer no benefit to anyone, killing them is perfectly fine and even encouraged. They can be very frustrating to rid your yard of though. There are a few things you can do to make your yard less appealing to mosquitos. They lay their eggs in water, so making sure there is no standing water in your yard can leave them nowhere to lay their offspring. You can also buy mosquito treatment for the water that kills the mosquitos or repels them, depending on which product you buy. You could even fill your garden with plants that mosquitos hate: lavender, basil, marigolds, garlic, catnip or horsemint are all good choices. You can try laying down cedar wood mulch around your yard, the chemicals in the wood repel mosquitos. It is good to note that keeping all of the plant life in your yard well-trimmed will offer fewer places for the mosquitos to make themselves a home.

Can pest control get rid of mosquitos?

Yes, pest control can help you get rid of mosquitos in your yard and around your home. As mentioned above, they can be very tricky to remove so calling a professional is a good idea. Pest control can even help you build a specialized plan for your yard about how you are going to keep them away permanently. This can involve them installing screen doors to keep them out of the house, poisoning the mosquitos water supplies, suggesting which plants to grow and where even placing traps and more. It is advised to seek the help of a professional for your safety, and so the job gets done right. You don’t want mosquitos coming back, so making sure you get it right the first time is crucial. Mosquitos are not only horrible, but they can also carry diseases.

How much does mosquito control cost?

The answer to this depends so much on how much work you want to do yourself, and how much you rely on a pest control company. Doing things such as filling your garden with the plants and flowers that mosquitos don’t like will only cost you as much as the plants do themselves. By hiring a professional you can end up paying $200-600 each year depending on which company you choose and how comprehensive their control scheme is. You can lower costs by doing bits yourself, but it will cost you a few hundred dollars at a minimum. That’s a small price to pay for removing the plague that mosquitos are from your yard, from your home, and your life as much as possible.

How to get rid of mosquitos in Florida

Getting rid of mosquitos is always hard, in Florida it is a nightmare. There is zero chance of you removing mosquitos without the help of a professional in Florida. The problem stems from the swampy countryside and warm, moist, climate. This is absolutely perfect for mosquitos and they thrive in this setting. You are most likely going to be aiming for damage control, not total eradication. The best bet is removing all standing water, filling your yard with the above-mentioned plants, having as little greenery as you feel comfortable with and hiring a contractor to keep your yard clear of them. It will be a constant battle, one that you simply won’t win on your own.


Hopefully, this article has started to answer questions or concerns you had about the process of removing bees and mosquitos. Just because bees are good for the environment, doesn’t mean you should feel bad about having them removed from your wall. Of course, you should never feel bad about killing as many mosquitos as possible. They benefit nothing and no one and are simply horrible bugs. Hiring a professional is not always necessary, but it is always advised. It is safer and far easier to leave it to the pros than wing it yourself.